About Us

Designing for us is a joy, we love what we do!
It is a mix of tradition and innovation, modern classicism with a touch of the unexpected.
Since our inception we have been known for our bold, creative fabrication and modern design. We strive to create a seamless merging of shape, form, color and texture, through skilled hands on craftsmanship, meticulous pattern making and artisanal fabrication.
It's all about designing the perfect shape, the execution and quality of the materials is paramount.
Our designs are dreamt up in our New York studio or wherever a creative moment takes hold. Our production is done in house and in the tristate area. We create small batches so as to maintain our uniqueness and your individuality.
Our designs are ageless and are inspired by the loving, strong, confident, peaceful and humble.
The Jacqueline Lamont label is our signature look, the JL Sport is more informal.
Whichever label you purchase from us, we will do our utmost to ensure that you always, receive the best quality as our customers only deserve our best!
With Love